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Woodblock Crane - Taguchi Tomoki Japanese Art Phone Case - Iphone 14 / Gloss -
Black x White Floral Woodblock Print By Taguchi Tomoki Cushion - Linen / 16x16 -
Black x White Floral Woodblock Print By Taguchi Tomoki Fine Art - 12x18 -
Black x White Floral Woodblock Print By Taguchi Tomoki - Art Phone Case - Iphone
Crane By Taguchi Tomoki Art Phone Case From Yatsuo No Tsubaki - Iphone 14 /
Japanese Deer Woodblock Print - Yatsuo No Tsubaki By Taguchi Tomoki - Art Phone
Japanese Vintage Tigers - Yatsuo No Tsubaki By Taguchi Tomoki - Art Phone Case -
Japanese Floral Art Phone Case - Taguchi Tomoki - Iphone 14 / Gloss - Mobile

Taguchi Tomoki FAQs

Taguchi Tomoki

In the Taguchi Tomoki collection, there is a sense of timelessness, a connection to a past where art was not just seen but felt. This collection, a tribute to the Japanese woodblock printing tradition, speaks in a language of simplicity and depth.

The Essence of Japanese Woodblock Art Each piece in this collection, from the Woodblock Crane phone case to the Black x White Floral Woodblock Print cushion, is a journey into the heart of Japanese art. These are not mere decorative items; they are echoes of a time when art was a process, a meditation, a way of capturing the essence of nature and life.

A Dance of Nature and Imagination In these works, nature and imagination dance together. The Crane, the Deer, the Tigers – each subject is more than an animal; it's a symbol, a story, a piece of a culture that has revered the natural world for centuries. The stark lines and bold contrasts of these woodblock prints capture not just the form, but the spirit of these creatures.

The Intersection of Tradition and Modernity This collection is where tradition meets modernity. The ancient art of woodblock printing, with its disciplined technique and its deep connection to nature, is brought into the contemporary world. These phone cases and cushions are bridges between the past and the present, between art and life.

Conclusion: A Timeless Elegance The Taguchi Tomoki collection is a reminder that in the world of art, some things are timeless – the grace of a crane, the strength of a tiger, the delicate beauty of a flower. In this collection, these timeless elements are captured, offering a piece of history, a piece of art, to carry with you in your daily life.

Taguchi Tomoki was a Japanese woodblock print artist active in the late 19th century during the Edo and early Meiji periods. He was known for his nature prints, especially of birds, plants, and other natural elements like the ocean. Some key facts about Taguchi Tomoki:

  • He created the woodblock print collection "Yatsuo no Tsubaki" between 1860-1869, which contains many nature prints and is his most well known work.
  • He had a simple and minimalist style, using muted tones and colors in his compositions. His prints often featured birds, flowers, trees, etc, designed into ornamental motifs.
  • He worked in the "bijinga" genre, depicting beautiful women in addition to nature scenes.
  • He was skilled at capturing natural objects like birds, plants, waves, etc. in an artistic way, blending Japanese and nature themes.
  • His work is considered significant for carrying on Edo period stylistic traditions into the Meiji period, despite the great societal changes happening in Japan at the time.
  • Original woodblock prints by Taguchi are collected, sold, and displayed around the world today as antique Japanese art.
  • In addition to Yatsuo no Tsubaki, some of his other known works are a blue and beige print titled "Birds Flying in the Blue Sky" and a print of seagulls.

Yatsuo no Tsubaki is a famous woodblock print collection created by the Japanese artist Taguchi Tomoki between 1860-1869 during the late Edo and early Meiji periods. Some key points about Yatsuo no Tsubaki:

  • It is considered Taguchi Tomoki's most well-known and important work, containing many nature prints and ornamental designs.
  • The collection features simple, minimalist woodblock prints of birds, plants, trees, waves, and other natural elements arranged in artistic motifs and compositions.
  • Taguchi was skilled at capturing natural objects like birds and plants and integrating them into aesthetically pleasing designs with muted colors and tones.
  • The prints blend Japanese and nature themes, helping transition Edo period stylistic traditions into the Meiji era.
  • Original woodblock prints from the collection are now collected and sold around the world as antique 19th century Japanese art.
  • In addition to nature prints, Yatsuo no Tsubaki also contains some "bijinga" prints depicting beautiful women.
  • The collection has inspired modern reproductions, art prints, and products featuring its nature motifs.
  • Simple and minimalist aesthetic using muted, soft colors and tones
  • Focus on natural subjects like birds, plants, trees, waves, etc
  • Natural elements arranged in ornamental motifs and compositions
  • Captured delicate details of birds, plants, feathers, waves, etc in an artistic way
  • Blended Japanese nature themes with simple, aesthetic designs
  • Used principles of harmony, balance, and calm in compositions
  • Smooth gradations of color rather than strong contrasts
  • White space and blank areas to highlight subjects
  • Traditional woodblock printmaking techniques with carving, inking, printing
  • Prints transitioned Edo period style into Meiji era despite societal changes24

Taguchi Tomoki's art holds significant historical and aesthetic value. His woodblock prints, characterized by their simplicity and natural motifs, offer a glimpse into the artistic sensibilities of the late Edo period in Japan. They provide a connection to the past and showcase the timeless appeal of traditional Japanese art.

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