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Sparrow On a Branch - Meiji Bird Phone Case Kōno Bairei Iphone 14 / Gloss
3 Young Men Or Women - Japanese Ukiyo-e Phone Case Utamaro Iphone 14 / Matte
Yoshiwara Suzume - Japanese Ukiyo-e Art Phone Case Utamaro Iphone 14 / Gloss
Pink Sky - Bijutsu Sekai Art Phone Case Watanabe Seitei Iphone 14 / Gloss
Purple Magnolia - Bijutsu Sekai By Watanabe Seitei Japanese Art Phone Case
Le Cirque Corvi - French Art Phone Case Georges De Feure Iphone 13 / Gloss
Swallow & Camellia - Meiji Era Art Phone Case Ito Jakuchu Iphone 14 / Gloss
Swallow And Camelia - Ito Jakuchu Japanese Art Iphone Case 14 Pro Max Mobile
The Big Tree - Post-impressionist Phone Case Paul Gauguin Iphone 14 / Gloss
The Bathers - Post-impressionism Phone Case Paul Cezanne Iphone 14 / Gloss
Thistles - Impressionism Art Phone Case John Singer Sargent Iphone 14 / Gloss
Thunderstorm At Tateish - Hiroaki Takahashi Japanese Art Iphone Case 14 Mobile

Phone Case FAQs

Fine Art Phone Cases — Artistry at Your Fingertips

Step into a world where art meets technology with our Fine Art Phone Cases. These aren't just phone cases; they're miniature canvases that bring the world of fine art right to your fingertips. From the works of renowned painters to unique abstract patterns, our collection is a fusion of functionality and artistry.

A Portable Gallery

Our Fine Art Phone Cases are more than just a protective layer for your phone; they're a statement of your artistic taste. Each case is a portable gallery, showcasing reproductions of famous paintings and unique artistic designs. Whether you're an iPhone 14, iPhone 13, or iPhone 12 user, we've got you covered with our wide range of designs.

Superior Protection, Superior Style

But our Fine Art Phone Cases aren't just about aesthetics; they're about protection. Crafted with advanced shock-absorbent materials, these cases are designed to withstand drops and bumps, ensuring your device remains unscathed. The scratch-resistant surface and non-slip grip offer additional protection, keeping your device safe from everyday wear and tear.

Make Your Statement Today

It's time to let your phone case speak volumes about your artistic taste. Choose from our collection of Fine Art Phone Cases and transform your device into a work of art. Stay vibrant, stay mobile, and most importantly, stay unique with our fine art phone cases.

The people behind our artistic and designer iPhone cases are treated well and paid fairly

Everyone we work with to create our cell phone cases are in business for good — to do good.

Everyone in the supply chain that brings you this cell phone case works for a business committed to ending slavery & forced labor

So if you're in the market for an artsy phone case that does good in the world, you can rest assured that our iPhone cases are all mindfully made by folks in safe and generous environments.

When you shop our artsy phone cases, you really are supporting more than a stylish cell phone case

We take pride in our commitment to ethical consumption. For every iPhone case you purchase, we plant a tree. Plus, you'll be supporting our giveback program. Meaning your new cell phone case will be funding educational and health initiatives around the world. So not only will your new iPhone case make your device extra stylish, this little indulgence will have a truly positive impact on the lives of others. What on Earth could be better than that?

Fine art phone cases feature reproductions of famous works of art or original artistic designs. They allow you to protect your phone while also displaying beautiful and visually interesting art.

Art Styles

Some of the most popular art styles for fine art phone cases include:

  • Vintage - Classic artworks from past centuries, often with a worn, aged look.
  • Abstract - Visual art that does not attempt to represent external reality, but instead uses shape, form, color and line to achieve its effect. Abstract art phone cases frequently feature bold colors and geometric shapes.
  • Floral - Decorative cases featuring floral designs, botanical prints and flower motifs.
  • Pop Art - Art style from the 1950s-60s that drew inspiration from popular culture like advertisements and comic books. Pop art cases feature bright colors and bold, graphic elements.
  • Impressionism - Art movement from the late 1800s featuring small brushstrokes and an emphasis on depicting the effect of light. Impressionist cases often showcase paintings of landscapes and nature.

Art Reproductions

Many fine art phone cases feature reproductions of famous paintings. Some of the most popular include:

  • Vincent Van Gogh - e.g. "The Starry Night", "Sunflowers"
  • Claude Monet - e.g. "Water Lilies", "Impression, Sunrise"
  • Gustav Klimt - e.g. "The Kiss", "Tree of Life"
  • Leonardo da Vinci - e.g. "Mona Lisa", "The Last Supper"
  • Edgar Degas - e.g. ballet paintings like "The Dance Class"

High-quality cases use a digital printing process to accurately recreate the color, details, and brush strokes of the original work of art.

Protecting Your Phone in Style

Fine art phone cases allow you to protect your phone from drops and scratches while simultaneously showing off your artistic taste. With many styles and designs to choose from by famous and emerging artists, you can find a case that matches your personal aesthetic.

Fine art phone cases feature a wide range of artwork, including paintings by renowned artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt, and many more. These cases may also showcase various artistic styles, from impressionism to abstract art, catering to diverse artistic preferences.

Fine art phone cases are designed to offer both aesthetic appeal and protection for your smartphone. They typically come in various materials, including hard and soft cases, with some offering enhanced shockproof or impact-resistant features to safeguard your device from damage.

The ease of cleaning and maintaining fine art phone cases depends on the material used. Hard plastic cases are often easy to wipe clean, while silicone or rubber cases may require more care. It's advisable to follow the manufacturer's cleaning recommendations to keep your case in good condition.

Our fine art phone cases are a collection of unique and visually appealing phone cases featuring artwork and designs created or curated by Toby Leon. These cases are available for various iPhone models and are printed, packed, and shipped directly from the USA, United Kingdom, EU, and Australia.

The artwork on these cases covers a broad range of categories, from travel-inspired designs to botanical art.

The cases are made using vibrant eco-inks, which are more environmentally friendly and produce less waste.

They are printed on demand, reducing energy consumption and waste. The cases are produced in the US, UK, EU, and Australia, ensuring faster and greener delivery to you.

Toby Leon Art phone cases feature a variety of design styles, including ornate embroidery, naturalistic color palettes, and collage art. The designs are inspired by various art and design categories, such as architecture, botanicals, and more, all handpicked with art lovers in mind.

These cases are meant to be striking, bold, vibrant, and elegant, serving as mood enhancers and points of intrigue every time you reach for your device.

Toby Leon's art and design are either photographed, created or curated by Toby himself, showcasing his unique artistic vision.

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