Giving Baked Into Cost Of Goods

Every Treasure = Real-World Impact

Every treasure you find here creates real-world impact. Proceeds from each purchase you make empower women, maximize health outcomes, and ensure clean sanitation. Helping communities across the world evolve and thrive.

With help from heroes just like you, over 11,000 global impacts have been made toward the UN Sustainability Goals via Buy1Give1. And the sky's the limit!

Projects Supported

Impact Highlights

Rescuing Meals for the Homeless

In the US, an estimated 40% of food produced is wasted while 1 in 7 people are food insecure. Rescuing Leftover Cuisine gets volunteers to rescue meals that would otherwise go to waste from restaurants and other food businesses and deliver it to the hungry at homeless shelters, food pantries, and soup kitchens.

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Sponsoring Students' Allowance

These priceless contributions help meet needs of underprivileged students from Sala Bai School. With a nourishing dinner every day cooked by themselves at the dormitories under the supervision of social workers. And educating these students on how to manage their financial budget by using a banking system.

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Building Brighter Futures

Five Talents' partners in Burundi support communities to build their own businesses by providing training & access to financial services to women who have been marginalized. These women join Savings Groups, owned and operated by themselves, making members the key stakeholders in building a brighter future.

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Funding College Education

This Life Cambodia provides internships to high school graduates from financially disadvantaged backgrounds to undertake university studies and employment, giving them a better shot at success in the future. Including tuition and textbooks, daily travel costs to school, English language and computer training classes + accommodation costs.

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Access to E-Learning

Dot Com Mob give young Aboriginal people access to learning hubs and free public Wi-Fi. Many households don't have a computer or even a reliable power supply. Online access enables community members to stay in touch with relatives and supports self-directed learning, opening up employment and other future opportunities.

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Literacy for Dalit Girls

Academy of Root Development give illiterate adolescent Dalit girls access to literacy education. Girls from the poorest of families. Aged between 13 to 19 years old. Belonging to the group of the Dalit or the Untouchables. Often taken out of school to earn money for their family. Classes are held at times the girls can attend without disrupting family life.

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Building Sustainable Businesses

Five Talents has worked in Bolivia since 2009, supporting small entrepreneurs by forming Savings Groups to help build their own businesses, including business skills training and access to financial services. A successful small business has the ability to uplift families and entire communities - paving the way for a sustainable future.

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Teaching Financial Management

With no access to basic financial infrastructure, refugee families on the Thai/Burma border have no way to manage the few resources they have. Financial literacy gives these families a level of security and safety for their children they never knew was possible. So that families can save together, borrow cheaply for emergencies, and even earn returns on their deposits.

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Music Training for Kids

Bringing out the musical talent in underprivileged kids in Cambodia by offering him or her a music lesson for an hour. A unique opportunity to learn two genres of music: one that is traditionally interwoven with the Cambodian way of life such as Chayam and Pin Peat and the other modern music that merges traditional styles with western influences.

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