Jack of All Trades, Master of Some

People tell you to do what you love, but I've never wanted settle down. I’m always looking to put another feather in my cap, which is how my work life’s ended up spanning ecomm, digital marketing, content strategy, UX, publishing, proj mgmt and arts admin. In key roles across 3 continents. From SMEs to the smell of an oily rag. Just your regular Jack of all trades, master of some. Helping you leapfrog over doubt from A to B to you tell me.

Kitschy Keen Art Nerd

We imagine history into existence every day. Shaping the world around us as we go. And I remake histories with every piece. From a motley crew of tales tall and true. A melange of myths, signs and symbols. Never sitting still or doing as they're told. Forever questioned, dissected, reframed and upended. Queered and inverted. Packaged and performed. Told, retold, adapted then sold. Evolving, like everything else. Which is why I like to think my art exists outside of time. Reaching for infinity. Not reality. A kaleidoscope of mish-mashed truths, which are only as surreal as we choose to make them...