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It's really pretty

I love it!

Huzzah! Happy to hear your new friend has made your day, Elizabeth. I'm sure they'll bring a smile to your face for many more...

Delivered FAST!

Presley was dropped off at the framer's yesterday. Should have him back in two weeks. Really looking forward to having this beautiful and unique art piece in my home.

Yayyyyyyy! Delighted to hear Presley arrived safe and sound and made you light up, Brent. I hope you and your new outlaw will be be very happy together... riding off into the sunset side by side.

Absolutely Love Your Cowboy Art Work

I cannot say enough on how happy I am with both pieces of Art I purchased from you...they surpassed my expectations from the follow thru from beginning to end and both pieces are exquisite, love the framing as well...the price point cant be beat for a piece of Art that is not commonly mass produced...let me put it this way, I feel really special owning a piece of your Art.
Thank You
Jose Rivera NYC

Thank you Jose! Knowing these pieces will be loved for many years to come makes my heart happy. And it means just as much that you've noticed all the little details which make them special. I see we're of the same mind — that art shouldn't be a luxury and great quality doesn't have to break the bank. So thanks again Jose! Wishing your new friends an adventurous life full of intrigue and possibilities...

Many thanks for your communication and time

Collected safely, arrived home and wonderful!

Fabulous! Thrilled to know Circe's found a place in your heart, Christopher. Her magic know no bounds and she'll be dazzling you for decades...

Farzad the Gay Cowboy

Thoroughly pleased with this purchase! I got the framed canvas at it is just gorgeous! The colors are vibrant and stunning and the subject a work of art as well. I particularly enjoy the juxaposition of the cowboy "machismo" and the floral/vibrant/"feminine" colors. LOVE IT!!!

Beautiful notebook

My daughter uses these notebooks as journals. The stone paper is phenomenal, and the notebook is absolutely beautiful and well-made!

Yayyyyy — fabulous, Julia! Pleased to hear the treasure's all you hoped for. Thank you!

Stunning basket… beautifully made!

Huzzah! Delighted you're delighted, Katrina. Kazi treasures are truly special and built to last. Here's to the peachy keen life!

Great product and outstanding customer service

My phone case was just what I was hoping for: beautiful and well made. There customer service was amazing with super fast shipping and keeping me updated when initially the tracking didn’t show up in my order summary. Toby reached out to me first! And let me know as soon as it was available.

Yay! Thrilled to hear you're happy with your case, Donna. Such a gorgeous piece from Kono Bairei. Enjoyyyyy

Hot Tresses Hair Care | Moisturising REHAB Leave In Conditioner - 150ml

This is excellent, it's really helped my partner's naturally dry hair become really soft and healthy. He really likes it!

Hot Tresses Hair Care | Moisturising REHAB Leave In Conditioner - 150ml

Smoother, softer hair after blow-drying.
Applied to damp hair before I blow-dry, this keeps my hair feeling a bit smoother and softer. I feel it also keeps my hair protected. Has a nice smell and good texture, easy to apply. On my 3rd bottle of this now and have travel size too. I have very long hair washed once a week and this full size bottle (150mL) lasts me about 1 year. If you're looking for a vegan, cruelty-free leave-in product before blow-drying your hair or letting it air-dry that keeps it feeling healthy and protected, this is a great option.

Sleep Magic with Marz Spray
As I psychologist, I appreciate how important restful sleep is to the mind, body and soul. I have used this product for several years to achieve that for myself. I love the customer service and the fact it’s family owned!!
Highly recommend the product!!!!
DW from Los Angeles

Sleep quick!
I have tried various sleeping remedies& this one takes the cake! I always fall asleep for at least 6 hours. Within 5 minutes I'm in a restful bliss. I love it! Highly recommend! It's worth every penny!

I love it.
It realy helps

Hot Tresses Sulfate-free REHAB Shampoo 250ml
Aly R.

Works great on my bleached blonde hair.

Hot Tresses Indigo Babe Treatment 150ml
Aly R.

Best hair mask
Using this mask twice a week has brought life back into my dry, bleached hair.

Hot Tresses Indigo Babe Treatment 150ml
Helen H.

(USA) Helen On Hot Tresses Indigo Babe Treatment 150ml
Great for blending grays with brunette. Also subtly blends regrowth line. Beautiful formula.

It's great!

In the old days, a cowboy was generally a black kid, the white kids were refereed to as cowhands. When they got off work after the delivery of the herds, often they young men would then get gussied up in their finest. After all, we have just spent months riding the countryside from texts to Chicago.

Huzzah! I'm thrilled you and Lysander have fallen for each other. And I didn't know about the etymology of the word cowboy — thanks for levelling up my nerdery, William! I'm an actual nerd emoji come to life right now... wearing a cowboy hat, of course.

It's great!


Fantastic! Thank youuuuuuuu :-)

I have been using my new phone cases for a few days. So easy to put on. Looking and feeling wonderful; smooth and strong. Having 2 means I can swap the design when I fancy. And they will last for ages I'm sure.

Thank you ✨ Looks great! This William Morris design is one of my personal faves. Adore the colour palette. Enjoy

Snug and stylish. Both subtle and distinctive, matching every outfit but easy to find in a sea of devices. I’m often asked where I acquired such a fancy case!

Love. This. Thank you! ✨ No more boring cases, ever❣️

Amazing printing quality. Super strong case.

Thanks! ✨ They really are strong The supplier calls them shatterproof and... I haven't driven a car over them or anything, but I have dropped my own phone a fair bit. Always doing too much. Anyway, my phone is pristine and the case is hardly even nicked. Stylish but STURDY — just my type!

Lego Ninjago® Jay Collectible Plush Toy Minifigure

Mein kleiner Stiefbruder, ein großer Lego Ninjago Fan, hat sich ungemein gefreut, einen waschechten "lebensgroßen" Jay in den Händen halten zu dürfen.Der Artikel ist wirklich hochwertig, hat feste Stellen an Füßen und Händen und insgesamt sehr angenehm zum Spielen.

Arjuna, Silas and Jupiter

I love all three pieces and everyone who sees them love them!

YAY :-) Delighted you're delighted. Sounds like the boys have found pride of place in your home and are making a name for themselves in your world... here's to the rest of your lives together!

Lego Ninjago® Jay Collectible Plush Toy Minifigure

The plushies are great! They are in very good quality. Absolutely prefects. I really wish there was a NYA one but sadly there isn't :(( I hope it's currently being made....

Wee Baby Stella Peach Doll by Manhattan Toy
D. W.

Grand baby’s love their babies.



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