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A wide range of home and garden products, including art decor, wall art, house plants and more. We also carry journals and notebooks, a selection of artisan-made treasure from Africa and beyond.

We'd be delighted to help you find your perfect treasure. Whether it's a gift for yourself, a loved one, your work wife or future husband.

Send us a message describing your ideal treasure and our magician's will be in touch...

Treasure hunting! Wait. What?

We're making shopping kinder, captain. So you gain peace of mind your money's being kind.

Every purchase makes 3x real-world impacts:

1. Every treasure's ethically produced
2. Every treasure has local & sustainable giveback baked in via Buy1Give1
3. Every treasure = 1 tree planted

Orders and Shipping

We're online only. A 24/7 artisan market made for maximalists and kids at heart. Starring treasure from dozens of artisan partners (USA only) + my own range of ethically produced decor and accessories, which are available worldwide.

We're a global marketplace working with dozens of suppliers, makers, artists & crafters.

We have hundreds of treasures that can be delivered worldwide. Others just can't... for now. So we have labeled all our treasure that's USA only.

Check product pages for details.

Free shipping to...

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

Discounted shipping rates to...

For orders to the rest of the world, we use carrier-based shipping rates and discount them as much as possible. So your shipping costs will depend on your order's weight and can be estimated on our cart page. Add something to your cart now to test and see how much it costs to ship.

We're a global marketplace working with dozens of suppliers. These are our average processing + shipping times...

Average Order Processing

Average time between receiving an order & sending it out = 1-4 days

Average Shipping Times

Average time for order to reach you after it's been shipped: 

• USA: 2-5 days

• Canada: 3-8 days

• UK: 2-5 days

• Europe: 3-6 days

• Australia: 2-5 days

• New Zealand: 3-8 days

• Rest of the world: 2-4 weeks

We include tracking automatically for all orders on our store.

Tracking in North America, Europe, Japan, Australia & NZ is reliable and consistent. Tracking outside those regions depends on local carriers, and the quality of tracking can vary from place to place.

We can't be responsible for tracking that stops in your home country before your package gets to you. Talk to us if you'd like to organise a postal upgrade, like signature on delivery...

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