The Top 5 Tuxton Home Products for Baking Enthusiasts

The Top 5 Tuxton Home Products for Baking Enthusiasts

Say Goodbye to Flimsy Bakeware with these Durable and Stylish Options from Tuxton Home

Baking is an art, and every artist needs the right tools to create a masterpiece. Tuxton Home, a leading manufacturer of high-quality ceramics, offers a wide range of simple and chic bakeware that is perfect for baking enthusiasts. Tuxton Home bakeware is made from non-porous vitrified china that is chip-resistant + safe for use in freezers, ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers. In this article, we'll review the top 5 Tuxton Home bakeware products for baking enthusiasts.

Duratux Crème Brûlée Set

The Top 5 Tuxton Home Products For Baking Enthusiasts

The Duratux Crème Brûlée Set is a must-have for every baking enthusiast. This set is available in sets of 4 porcelain white Crème Brûlées or sets of 6 crisp white Crème Brûlées. It's perfect for baking sweet treats, quiches and tarts or even mini shakshuka eggs for brunch at home. The Duratux Crème Brûlée Set is designed to make sure that every dish is cooked to perfection. The set's unique design ensures that every dish is evenly heated, so you get the perfect consistency every time.

Duratux Loaf Pan

The Top 5 Tuxton Home Products For Baking Enthusiasts

The Duratux Loaf Pan is a versatile, easy-to-clean, and mess-free baking tool. This simple and chic ceramic loaf pan is designed to make breads and cakes rise with dome-like perfection, but it's also great for lasagna, meatloaf, and casseroles. The Duratux Loaf Pan is available in Cobalt Blue, Black Truffle, White, Cayenne Red, or White Truffle.

Duratux Mini Casserole Set

The Top 5 Tuxton Home Products For Baking Enthusiasts

The Duratux Mini Casserole Set is a practical and chic baking tool that will impress your family or friends. This set is perfect for casserole, of course, but the versatility of these dishes are only limited by your imagination. Available in eggshell white or matte black, these mini-casserole dishes could be used to serve congee, bake mini-quiches or whatever your taste buds desire.

Duratux Oval Roaster

The Top 5 Tuxton Home Products For Baking Enthusiasts

The Duratux Oval Roaster is a great baking tool for big cuts of meat, like ham, brisket, or roasts. But it can also be used as a large casserole-dish, for lasagna, nachos, shepherd’s pie, peach cobbler, and so much more. It's a big roaster that still leaves room in the oven for smaller bakeware dishes, like a mini-casserole set. The Duratux Oval Roaster is available in Cobalt Blue, Black Truffle, White, Cayenne Red, or White Truffle.

Duratux Rectangular Roasting Pan

The Top 5 Tuxton Home Products For Baking Enthusiasts

The Duratux Rectangular Roasting Pan is a versatile baking tool that offers more options for the at-home chef than oval roasters do. Its rectangular shape gives you more cooking area, making it ideal for layered casseroles like lasagna. This large, rectangular Duratux Rectangular Roasting Pan makes a great bain marie (a hot water bath for baking delicate custards such as crème brûlée and cheesecake), and is perfect for baking meals other than roast meats. The Duratux Rectangular Roasting Pan is available in Cobalt Blue, Black Truffle, White, Cayenne Red, or White Truffle.


Tuxton Home bakeware is the perfect addition to any kitchen for baking enthusiasts. With their chip-resistant durability, oven safe features, dishwasher and microwave safe, lead and cadmium-free products, and much more, Tuxton Home bakeware is perfect for anyone who loves to bake. Don't settle for less than the best; choose Tuxton Home bakeware and experience the joy of baking like a professional. Then take a look at their restaurant-grade platesbowlsmugs and ramekins, so you can have that dining out luxury whenever you're dining in.


1. How durable is Tuxton Home Bakeware for everyday use?

Tuxton Home ceramic bakeware is designed for heavy-duty use and is thermal shock tested. This ensures that these bowls can go from freezer to oven to table repeatedly without issue. With Tuxton Home bakeware's chip-resistant durability, you can rest assured that your investment will last for years to come. Same goes for their dinnerware, plates, bowls, and mugs.

2. Is Tuxton Home bakeware oven safe?

Yes, Tuxton Home's high-fired ceramics can withstand up to 500°F in the oven. This means you can re-heat dishes in these bowls with ease. Whether you're cooking a Thanksgiving turkey or reheating last night's leftovers, Tuxton Home bakeware can handle the heat.

3. Is Tuxton Home bakeware dishwasher and microwave safe?

Yes, Tuxton Home ceramics are both microwave-friendly and dishwasher-safe, making re-heating and clean up a breeze! With Tuxton Home bakeware, you don't have to worry about spending hours scrubbing dishes by hand or dealing with the hassle of hand-washing delicate ceramics.

4. Is Tuxton Home bakeware non-toxic?

Tuxton Home's lead and cadmium-free products are a safe selection to ensure your family's safety when dining in. With Tuxton Home bakeware, you can be confident that you're using a product that is not only durable and beautiful but also safe for you and your loved ones.

5. Is Tuxton Home bakeware food safe?

Non-porous vitrified china does not discolor, react with food, alter flavors, or absorb any odors. It is an ideal vessel for storing and freezing food, and surpasses the highest standards required for culinary professionals. With Tuxton Home bakeware, you can be sure that your food will taste just as it should, with no unwanted flavors or odors.

6. How long will the colors last on Tuxton Home Bakeware?

During Tuxton's traditional firing process, color pigments fuse with the glassy glaze. This means that colors are guaranteed to remain as vivid and vibrant as the day the ceramics come out of the kiln. With Tuxton Home bakeware, you can enjoy the beautiful, hand-thrown appeal of each piece along with the vibrant colors that make them stand out.

7. How do I care for Tuxton Home bakeware?

Prior to using your new Tuxton Home bowls, wash them thoroughly with soapy water, followed by a hot water rinse. Dry them thoroughly.

Do not place your Tuxton Home bowls on direct heat or flame. Avoid exposure to extreme temperature changes. Hot dishes should not be placed on a cold or wet surface. Do not run cold water on bowls while they are hot.

Always use a heat-resistant oven mitt or pad when removing bowls from the oven or microwave; the bowl will be extremely hot. When serving directly from oven to table, be sure to protect your table surface with a trivet.

Read more about caring for Tuxton Home ceramics, and the pros and cons of ceramics for everyday use.

8. Is Tuxton Home ceramic bakeware sustainable?

Tuxton Home prides itself on being environmentally conscious — ensuring its materials and production processes are as sustainable as possible.