Who Is Toby Leon?

Who Is Toby Leon?

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Eternally Hungry

Born in Sydney, I spent my childhood surrounded by artists, oddballs and academics. They taught me to question everything. Respectfully and without fear.

Their coffee table books inspired my love of art and design. Vigorous debates over citywide dinner tables made me realise how complex the world is. Tales of lives spent abroad inspired my wanderlust. Their most important lesson? The value of being eternally hungry—that you should always leave enough room to taste something you've never experienced before.

Twenty-two countries and four continents later, I can find home anywhere with WiFi and a hearty chunk of intrigue. It's because of them, and I'm forever grateful.

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of Some

I'm a jack of all trades, master of some. That used to be a bad thing. Considered reckless by many... most, in fact. Lacking consistency. Unreliable. Without a north star. Now, 24 years into this recklessness, being a jack of all trades is my greatest asset.

My work life has spanned ecomm, UX, publishing, communications, digital strategy, arts admin, and customer service — from corporate to the smell of an oily rag. I've worked in over 2 dozen roles across 3 continents. Helping brands tell stories across platforms, channels, and markets.

My skills may be varied, but my approach is simple: chart the underlying architecture of brand narratives so their stories can adapt, endure and shine!

Storytelling Is Strategy Building

I started on the front lines at 14 years and 9 months, because pocket money wasn't going to cut it. Over the last 24 years, I've built on that — brick by brick — toward high-level GANTT charts for projects I've designed, pitched, steered then nurtured. From concept to strategy, blueprints to construction, implementation to optimisation.

I've been telling stories for as long as I can remember, and once you understand the architecture of our shared stories, you speak a universal language. I'm fluent, and I use that fluency to help brands reimagine their stories, so they can translate into any platform, genre, strategy, or campaign with ease. Never losing sight of the next vertical or bottom line.

My Kind Of Storytelling:

• Activating income streams from fresh content verticals.
• Transforming legacy treasure to unlock a brand's DNA.
• Optimising content frameworks so brand stories can adapt, roll out, and expand with ease.
• Designing omnichannel campaigns to greet and convert, building trust every step of the way.
• Crafting SEO strategies that guide customers from the top of the funnel to conversion and beyond.
• Uniting teams across continents to energise customers across markets, platforms, channels, and campaigns.

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