9 Hand Woven Coasters by Fair Trade African Artisans

9 Hand Woven Coasters by Fair Trade African Artisans

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9 Hand Woven Coasters From Kazi Goods

Searching for the perfect blend of practicality and style in your home can be quite the balancing act. Enter Kazi Goods, a beacon of hope in this pursuit, with its stunning fair trade hand woven coasters crafted by African artisans.

This review will explore how these eco-friendly treasures not only elevate your decor but also make an impact on artisans' lives. Let's dive into the world of sustainable elegance!

KAZI Goods: Empowering African Artisans Through Fair Trade

KAZI Goods stands out for their fair business practices. They work with talented people in Africa to make beautiful items like coasters and baskets. These artisans get paid well for each hour they work.

This helps them have a steady job that pays enough to support themselves and their families.

The team at KAZI Goods cares about keeping the Earth healthy, too. They choose ways of making things that don't harm the environment. Thanks to KAZI Goods, we can see the amazing skills of these workers from places like Rwanda, Uganda, and Ghana.

Their handmade crafts show off traditions that are many years old. Plus, women who are really good at weaving get the chance to sell what they make around the world through this company.

This creates jobs where they live and helps whole communities do better.


Fringed Natural Drink Coasters

9 Hand Woven Coasters By Fair Trade African Artisans


  • Comes as a set of 4 coasters for your drinks.
  • Handwoven by women in Uganda, each piece is unique.
  • Made with natural raffia and banana fibers.
  • Colored with safe, organic dyes.
  • Each coaster has a tag showing who made it.
  • Created in a way that is fair and good for the workers.

These Fringed Natural Drink Coasters are not just for setting your drink on; they're pieces of art you can use every day. Made by skilled women in Uganda, each coaster helps protect your tables and shows off your style. The coasters come as a set of four, perfect for when friends come over or just enjoying a drink alone.

Each coaster is woven from raffia and banana fibers, which are super strong and absorb water well. They use organic dyes to make them colorful without hurting the earth. Plus, when you buy these coasters, you support fair working conditions because they have the Nest Seal of Transparency.

We love these coasters best among others because they look good and do good at the same time. You get something beautiful for your home and help women artisans build better lives with each sip you take. That's why we say yes to these handmade Ugandan coasters—they tell an amazing story with every drink.


  • Set of 4 Coasters: You get four beautiful coasters in one set. Perfect for your family or guests to place their drinks without making a mess on the table.
  • Fair Trade with Transparency: These coasters are made with respect for the workers in Uganda. They earn fair wages and work under good conditions.
  • Handmade in Uganda: Crafted by skilled artists, each coaster has its own unique touch. Real people put their hearts into making these just for you.
  • Natural Materials: Made from raffia and banana fibers, these coasters don't hurt the earth. They're safe and natural – like bringing a piece of nature into your home.
  • Colorful with Organic Dyes: Brighten up your table with colors that come from organic dyes. They're not harmful, so they keep you and our planet happy!

The Fringed Natural Drink Coasters from KAZI Goods are perfect for the eco-conscious consumer who values sustainability and fair trade practices. Made from all natural fibers and organic dyes, these coasters not only protect your table but also support artisans in Uganda through the Nest Seal of Transparency. Elevate your home decor while making a positive impact with these beautiful coasters. Get your set of four today!

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Restorative Greens Fringed Coasters

9 Hand Woven Coasters By Fair Trade African Artisans


  • Handmade tableware for a unique touch.
  • Bright mossy green color adds pop to your table.
  • Soft fabric with cool fringe edges.
  • Comes in a set of 4 to share around the table.
  • Ships free and helps the planet by planting a tree!
  • If they're broken or wrong, you can send them back.

The Restorative Greens Fringed Coasters are a real treat for anyone who loves to bring a bit of nature inside. Picture this: You've got friends over, and they can't stop admiring these coasters that look like little patches of greenery right on your table. Made from fabric that's as green as forest moss, each coaster has edges with fun fringes swinging out. They're not just good-looking but also save your table from those pesky water rings.

Now let's talk about why they're number 2 on our list. These coasters hold their own against the top spot because they have something special—the artisan touch. Imagine skilled hands crafting each piece carefully, adding that personal feel you won't get from factory-made goods. And hey, when you buy them, you even help plant a tree! That’s your small win for Mother Nature.

These aren’t just ordinary coasters; they link you to artists far away in Africa who weave magic into every item using fair trade practices. So while you protect your tables, you're also supporting ethical shopping - it's like doing a good deed with every sip of your drink! With free shipping and eco-friendly packaging, getting these plush green beauties to your home is hassle-free and feels oh-so-right.


  • Bring nature to your table – These coasters have a rich, green color that looks like moss in the forest. They make your home feel more alive and cozy.
  • Stand out with style – The fringed edges are not something you see every day. They add a fun twist to your décor and can start conversations!
  • Protect surfaces in style – Place these under drinks to keep tables safe from water rings. Plus, they look great even when they're not being used.
  • Easy care for busy lives – If they get dirty, no sweat! You can clean them quickly and have them back on the table in no time.
  • Complete set for guests – You get four coasters in one pack. That means you're ready for friends or family without having to search for extra coasters.

Are you a nature-loving individual looking to add a touch of natural charm to your home decor? The Restorative Greens Fringed Coasters are the perfect choice for you! Made from lush, mossy green fabric with a unique fringed edge, these coasters not only protect your furniture but also bring a sense of peace and serenity to your space. Plus, by purchasing these Fair Trade hand-woven coasters from KAZI Goods' artisan collectives in Africa, you are supporting sustainable and ethical practices. So why wait? Embark on creating an eco-friendly home today with the Restorative Greens Fringed Coasters.

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Seratonia Fringed Woven Coasters - Oasis

9 Hand Woven Coasters By Fair Trade African Artisans


  • Comes in a set of four coasters.
  • Made by hand with natural fibers.
  • Has the Fair Trade Nest Seal for fair work.
  • Each coaster has a tag showing who made it.
  • Uses safe, organic colors to dye them.
  • They are each special because they're handmade.

The Seratonia Fringed Woven Coasters - Oasis by Kazi Goods are a true work of art for your table. Each coaster is handcrafted with care and skill by talented women artisans. What makes these coasters stand out is not just their beauty, but the story they tell. They're more than just drink holders; they represent a commitment to fair trade and ethical making.

When you place your glass on one of these vibrant coasters, you’re touching a piece colored with organic dyes, which gives it that eye-catching look. Unlike machine-made items, these have slight differences in color and size that show their unique handmade nature. You can feel good knowing that buying them supports an artisan's craft.

We chose the Seratonia coasters as No. 3 on our list because they perfectly blend form and function. They protect your tables in style while also serving as conversation pieces about sustainable living and global craftsmanship. These aren't just coasters; they're tiny masterpieces that share an important message each time you use them.


  • Handcrafted by real people
  • Imagine holding a coaster that's been made with care by someone's hands, not just popped out of a machine. Each Seratonia coaster has its own story and touch from the person who made it.
  • Fair play all the way
  • When you choose these coasters, you're doing good for the world! They are made fairly, meaning the workers get treated well and paid right. You sip your drink knowing you've helped someone else.
  • Colors that wow!
  • Your table will pop with these bright colors. And guess what? They come from natural stuff like plants! So every time you use them, it's like having a piece of nature right there at your party.
  • No two alike
  • Just like snowflakes or fingerprints, no two Seratonia coasters are exactly the same. Your friend might have some too, but yours will be special – only for you!
  • Lasting beauty without nasty stuff
  • These coasters stay pretty without hurting our planet because they don't use bad chemicals in their dyes. Cheers to looking good while loving Earth!

    Ideal for the eco-conscious interior decorator looking to add a touch of global influence to their home, these handcrafted Seratonia Fringed Woven Coasters from KAZI Goods are a must-have. With vibrant colors and fair trade production, they not only protect your surfaces but also support artisan collectives in Africa. Elevate your entertaining game and shop now!

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    Color Blocked Ring Raffia Coasters

    9 Hand Woven Coasters By Fair Trade African Artisans


    • Comes in a set of 4 unique coasters.
    • Each coaster measures around 4 inches across.
    • Made by skilled workers and has a Fair Trade certification.
    • Handmade in Uganda from natural raffia and sweetgrass.
    • Colored with safe, organic dyes.
    • Includes a special tag telling about the person who made it.

    Add a pop of color and craft to your table with the Color Blocked Ring Raffia Coasters from Kazi Goods. Made by hand in Uganda, these coasters are not just pretty but also serve a big purpose. They keep heat and moisture away from your furniture, which means no more rings on your wooden table! Each coaster is about 4 inches across, fitting all sorts of cups and mugs.

    These coasters show off the skill of women weavers in Uganda. With each purchase, you're helping them earn a living in a fair way. The materials used are raffia and sweetgrass, colored with natural dyes. That's good for the Earth too! Plus, they come with tags that tell you about who made them.

    Picture this: friends come over for dinner, and they can't stop looking at your coasters. They're struck by how unique each one is - slightly different colors or sizes because they're all made by hand. These coasters do their job but also add stories to share right there on your tabletop!


    • Each set comes with 4 unique coasters, ready to hold your drinks in style. Picture these cute 4-inch rounds under your cups, making every sip a bit more special. They're just the right size for any glass or mug!
    • Our coasters carry the Fair Trade seal — that's a big deal! It means the makers get paid well and work in good conditions. Buying them helps people in Uganda live better lives. Plus, they're made with lots of care and are each one-of-a-kind.
    • We use only natural stuff like raffia and sweetgrass to make them strong and pretty. Also, we color them with organic dyes that are safe for both you and our planet. Feel good about where they come from!
    • Check out the tag on each coaster – it tells you about who made it. These tags show off the crafty person behind your new coasters’ handiwork.
    • Because they’re handmade by skilled women far away in Uganda, no two coasters look exactly alike. Treasure these little differences – they tell a story of craftsmanship and tradition.

    For anyone who values ethical and sustainable products that are both beautiful and functional, these Color Blocked Ring Raffia Coasters from KAZI Goods are a must-have. Handwoven by talented women in remote regions of Uganda, each coaster is unique and made with love using natural fibers and organic dyes. Make a statement in your home while supporting fair trade practices - add these coasters to your collection today!

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    Natural Raffia Coasters

    9 Hand Woven Coasters By Fair Trade African Artisans


    • Each coaster is about 4 inches across.
    • They are made by hand in Uganda.
    • We use only natural raffia and sweet grass fibers.
    • Colors come from safe, organic dyes.
    • Coasters have a small tag that tells you about the maker.
    • They stand up to wear at just over a quarter-inch tall.

    These Natural Raffia Coasters bring a piece of Ugandan tradition to your home. Each coaster is handcrafted by skilled women weavers, making them unique and full of character. They're more than just a place to set your drink; they tell a story of craftsmanship and support an ethical trade practice.

    The coasters are about 4 inches across, just right for any cup or glass. Made with natural fibers and colored with organic dyes, they add a touch of nature to your table. You'll feel good knowing that each purchase helps empower the women who make them.

    When you use these coasters, you not only protect your furniture but also share in the beauty of handmade art. The slight variations in color and size mean that no two are exactly alike – each one is special! Plus, with their sturdy build, they're practical for everyday use while bringing warmth and style to every sip you take.


    • Handcrafted in Uganda: Each coaster is made with care by skilled women artisans. By choosing these, you support their work and help them make a living.
    • Natural materials: Made from raffia and sweet grass, these coasters are earth-friendly. They add a touch of nature to your table without harming the planet.
    • Unique and colorful: The organic dyes give each coaster a beautiful color that's unique just like you! They're sure to brighten up your home and wow your guests.
    • Meet the maker: Every coaster comes with a weaver tag – it shares the story of the person who made it. You get to know who you're supporting with your purchase!
    • Fair trade means fair pay: These aren't just pretty; they stand for fairness. Buying these coasters means that the craftswomen in Uganda are treated right and paid fairly for their amazing work.

    Looking for eco-friendly home decor options? Our Natural Raffia Coasters are perfect for the conscious consumer who values sustainable and ethically made products. Handwoven by women in Uganda using all natural fibers, these coasters add a touch of natural charm to any living space. Get yours now and support fair trade practices!

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    Coastal Minimalism Woven Coasters - Blue

    9 Hand Woven Coasters By Fair Trade African Artisans


    • Handcrafted by skilled women in Uganda
    • Each coaster is unique in color and size
    • Made from natural raffia and banana fibers
    • Colored with safe, organic dyes
    • Supports fair trade practices
    • Includes a tag with the weaver's story

    These Coastal Minimalism Woven Coasters are a real treasure for your home. They come from Uganda where talented women artisans make each one by hand. The craft they use is special and passed down through generations, and you can feel the care put into them. Each coaster has its own story because of the weaver tag attached, making these coasters stand out on any table.

    The materials are earth-friendly too! Natural fibers like raffia and banana give these coasters their unique look. Plus, organic dyes add that lovely blue color without harming the planet. When you buy these, not only do you get to decorate your space with something beautiful, but you're also supporting fair trade practices.

    Imagine using them when friends come over – they're sure to catch everyone's eye and be a talking point of how art can blend with function in our everyday lives. And if there’s a spill, no worries! These absorbent coasters will take care of it fast while keeping your tables safe from water rings or heat marks. With the coastal design, they bring a bit of seaside calm right to your living room or dining area, perfect for those who love stylish yet meaningful accents in their home.


    • Dive into the beauty of Uganda — each set comes with 4 stunning blue coasters, handwoven with care. Picture your coffee table transformed by these small works of art, making every sip a little more special.
    • Feel good about what you buy —These coasters are made following Fair Trade practices and come with a Nest Seal of Transparency. You're not just getting coasters; you're helping crafters make a fair living.
    • Earth-friendly is the way to go! The materials used are all natural fibers from raffia and banana plants. So, use them knowing that you're doing right by our planet.
    • Guess what? The vivid blue isn't just any dye — it's organic! It means safer for the environment and no nasty chemicals in your home. Plus, they won't fade after you clean them up after hosting friends.
    • Each coaster has its own story — attached to it is a tag that tells you about the weaver who made it. You'll feel connected to the hands that crafted your unique set, adding an extra touch of charm and conversation to your gatherings.

    Are you someone who values both style and sustainability? Look no further than our Coastal Minimalism Woven Coasters - made by hand in Uganda using all natural fibers and organic dyes. These Fair Trade certified coasters not only add a touch of coastal charm to your home, but also support the talented artisans who create them. So why not elevate your hosting game while making an impact? Shop now at tobyleon.com!

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    Silver Snowflake Hand Woven Coasters

    9 Hand Woven Coasters By Fair Trade African Artisans


    • Comes in a set of 4 coasters
    • Made using fair trade practices
    • Created from natural fibers and organic dyes
    • Each coaster has a tag with the weaver's story
    • Handmade with care, making each one unique
    • Coasters feature a pretty silver snowflake design

    Check out these Silver Snowflake Hand Woven Coasters from KAZI Goods. They're amazing for keeping your tables safe and looking good at the same time. Each coaster is carefully made by an expert weaver who uses only natural fibers and organic dyes, making them a smart choice for the planet too.

    When you buy this set of four coasters, you not only get a pretty snowflake pattern to dress up your table, but you also help crafters from small towns make a living. Every purchase supports fair trade practices which means workers get treated well and paid fairly. Plus, with each coaster comes a tag showing off the person who made it – now that's something special!

    These Silver Snowflake Coasters aren’t just great for holiday parties; they’re perfect any time you want to add some sparkle to your drinks while caring about where your stuff comes from. With their top-quality craftsmanship and earth-friendly materials, these coasters are more than just handy – they tell a story of tradition and care.


    • Set of 4 Coasters – These Silver Snowflake Hand Woven Coasters come in a pack of four. You can keep drinks safe on many tables at once! With these, no more rings on your beautiful furniture.
    • Fair Trade and Transparent – Feel good about what you buy! These coasters have the Nest Seal of Transparency. This means the people who made them got paid well and worked in safe places.
    • All Natural Materials – We care about the Earth, so we use things that don't hurt it. These coasters are made with fibers that come from nature, keeping things clean and green.
    • Colored with Organic Dyes – The pretty colors on these coasters won't harm the planet. We use organic dyes to make sure they're safe for you and Mother Nature.
    • Profiled Weaver Tag – Want to know who made your coaster? Each one has a tag with information about the weaver. It's nice to see who put their skills into making something for your home.

    Looking for a unique and socially responsible way to add flair to your home decor? These Silver Snowflake Hand Woven Coasters are a perfect choice for the conscious consumer. Made from all-natural fibers, dyed with organic dyes, and crafted by skilled artisans in Africa's artisan collectives, these coasters not only look beautiful but also support sustainable practices and fair trade. Get yours today and make a statement while making a difference!

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    Coastal Minimalism Woven Coasters

    9 Hand Woven Coasters By Fair Trade African Artisans


    • Each coaster is made by hand with care.
    • Colors and sizes are unique for every coaster.
    • Coasters are created in a place that treats workers fairly.
    • Women work together to weave each one in a day's time.
    • The style is simple and reminds you of the beach.
    • They're made to be strong and last long.

    These Coastal Minimalism Woven Coasters are more than just a place to set your drink. They're little works of art for your table. Handmade by skilled weavers, each coaster tells the story of tradition and craft. When you buy them, you support fair trade practices and empower women artisans with every sip from your cup.

    The coasters boast natural fibers dyed with organic colors, making them safe for you and kind to the earth. The Nest Seal of Transparency means they're made in an honest way that respects people's work. And they do their job well! Your glasses won’t leave rings on the table because these coasters soak up moisture fast.

    They come as a set of four, so there’s plenty to go around when friends come over. Each one has a tag showing who made it – giving credit where it’s due. These coasters aren't just about keeping tables dry – they connect us to stories from across the globe right in our own homes.


    • Enjoy a touch of the beach with these coasters – They bring that cool, coastal vibe straight to your table. Every time you set down your drink, it's like a mini seaside vacation for your cup!
    • Made fairly and with care – These coasters come with a Fair Trade guarantee. This means the people who weave them get treated right. Plus, each one has a special tag from the weaver, so you know who made yours.
    • All-natural every step of the way – We've used only natural fibers in these coasters. And guess what? The colors come from organic dyes too! That's better for the earth and safer for your home.
    • Protect your table in style – Not just pretty, these woven wonders also save your surfaces from drips and heat marks. With this set of four, there are enough coasters to go around when friends come over!
    • A clear conscience comes standard – You can feel great about using these coasters because they help crafters around the world make a good living. Your purchase supports real folks and their families!

    For those who appreciate both style and sustainability, the Coastal Minimalism Woven Coasters are perfect for you. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Africa using all-natural fibers and organic dyes, these coasters not only protect your furniture but also support fair trade practices. Embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle while adding a touch of coastal charm to your home decor. Add these beautiful coasters from KAZI Goods to your cart now!

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    Fringed Taupe Geo Drink Coasters

    9 Hand Woven Coasters By Fair Trade African Artisans


    • Made by hand in Rwanda, each coaster supports fair trade.
    • Natural fibers like sisal and sweet grass make up the coasters.
    • Colors come from organic dyes, making them safe for your home.
    • About 5.5 inches across, perfect for any drink size.
    • Each set comes with a tag showing who made it.
    • Since they're handmade, each one is special and might look a bit different.

    These Fringed Taupe Geo Drink Coasters are a real treat for your home. They have this cool, handmade look that feels special because they come from Rwanda. Picture these coasters under your glass—each one is about 5.5 inches across and made with natural stuff like sisal and sweet grass. Artisans use safe, organic dyes to get those warm colors just right.

    Think about sipping coffee in the morning and putting your mug on one of these coasters—nice, right? And they're not just good-looking but kind too; women in Rwanda make them with love and care. Every coaster has a little tag showing who made it, which is pretty awesome because it means you're helping someone far away when you buy these.

    So, if you want to spice up where you live with something useful AND help folks at the same time, check out these drink coasters.


    • Size is just right – These coasters are about 5.5 inches across and super slim, at just 0.2 inches high. That means they're big enough for your favorite mug or glass but won't take up too much space on your table.
    • Handmade with care in Rwanda – Each coaster comes from the skilled hands of Rwandan artists. By choosing these, you support their craft and help keep traditional methods alive.
    • Natural materials for a happy planet – Made from sisal fibers and sweet grass, these coasters don't just look good; they’re also kind to Earth. Plus, all-natural dyes give them that lovely taupe color without harming the environment.
    • Unique as you are – Since every coaster is handcrafted with love, no two are exactly the same. A little variation in color and size makes each one special, just like the people using them.
    • Meet the maker – Every coaster has a tag showing who made it. It’s like a little hello from the artist! You get a beautiful piece for your home and a personal connection to someone’s art halfway around the world.

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    Making a Positive Impact Through Your Purchase from KAZI Goods

    When you bring home a set of KAZI's handwoven coasters, you’re not just spicing up your coffee table - you're supporting a tapestry of hope and transformation. Your choice goes beyond décor; it weaves into the very lives of African artisans, creating ripples of sustainable growth and fair trade practices that reshape communities.

    Supporting sustainable job opportunities

    Buying from KAZI Goods does more than just add style to your home. It creates important jobs for African artisans. These workers get paid well by the hour to craft beautiful coasters and other items.

    This fair pay helps them live better lives. KAZI is proud to be Africa's biggest employer of skilled craftspeople.

    These jobs are not only about making money; they're also kinder to our planet. The way KAZI works supports clean energy and helps local areas grow strong economies—this means a brighter future for everyone involved!

    Unique and beautiful home decor

    While creating jobs is key, KAZI Goods also brings a touch of unique beauty to your home. Each coaster woven by African artisans isn't just for holding mugs; it's a small piece of art.

    These natural coasters come with rich stories from the hands that crafted them, adding deep meaning to your decor. They draw eyes with their intricate basket weave designs and vibrant colors—no two pieces are exactly alike.

    These fair trade coasters double as conversation starters, showcasing traditional skills passed down through generations. From eco coasters in serene greens to the festive sparkle of Silver Snowflake hand woven coasters, there's a style for every taste and occasion.

    Your living space gets an uplift with these designed coasters, blending function and fashion effortlessly on your tabletops.

    Ethical sourcing and production process

    KAZI Goods isn't just about making your home look good. They care deeply about where their materials come from and how they make their products. This is why they follow fair trade rules.

    Fair trade helps the people who make things get fair pay and work in safe places.

    They use things like grass and leaves that are easy on the earth to weave coasters you'll love to show off. These items grow back fast, which is good for our planet. The artisans can collect them without hurting nature too much.

    With KAZI, buying a set of woven drink coasters does more than protect your table. It supports a way of making goods that's right and kind, bringing hope to communities in Africa.

    Impact on African artisan communities

    Buying fair trade products like woven coasters from KAZI Goods doesn't just make your home look good. It helps whole communities in Africa grow stronger. These beautiful items come from the hands of skilled workers, many of whom are women.

    They use old weaving methods that have been around for hundreds of years, and they get paid well for their work.

    This fair pay means a lot to the artisans. It lets them buy food, send their kids to school, and even save some money for the future. Their work with KAZI Goods shows off African culture and gives people there new chances.

    Because they are earning more, these crafters can dream bigger and help others in their towns do better too!


    Give your home a splash of beauty and charm with KAZI Goods' coasters. These unique pieces not only make your tables look good but also do good, supporting African artisans with fair wages.

    The Fringed Natural Drink Coasters bring a touch of Uganda to your living room, while the Restorative Greens Fringed Coasters add a bright and fresh feel. Show off these lovely works of art in your space and share their story!


    1. What makes KAZI Goods coasters special?

    KAZI Goods coasters are hand woven by African artisan collectives, using techniques like braiding and basket weave. They're not just beautiful round woven coasters for drinks; they also support fair trade practices that help fight poverty with fair wages.

    2. Are KAZI woven coasters good for the home?

    Absolutely! Whether you choose braided, seagrass, or any other style of their woven coasters, they add a touch of elegance to your space while being practical – protecting your counters from drips and spills.

    3. Why should I care about fair trade products from Africa?

    Fair trade ensures that the artisans who make products like African fair trade textiles and dyed wicker goods get paid well for their work. It's all about making sure everyone gets a fair piece of the pie and lifting communities out of poverty.

    4. Can collecting coasters be more than just for use?

    Yes – some people become tegestologists, which means they collect beer mats or coasters as a hobby! These unique and colorful African weaving patterns could really shine in any coaster collection.

    5. Does buying KAZI Goods have an impact beyond my purchase?

    You bet! When you buy these African fair-trade goods, you’re directly supporting artists' livelihoods and helping ensure that the traditions of their craft carry on through generations while promoting ethical shopping habits.