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Paper Mache Star Ornament From Haiti Pack Of 3 - Holiday Ornaments Global
USA Only
Paper Mache Ball Ornament From Haiti Pack Of 3 By Global Crafts Wholesale
USA Only
Hammered Metal Bowl With Round Handles Haitian Drum Tabletop Décor (11.5’ x
USA Only
Paper Mache Snowman Ornament From Haiti Pack Of 2 By Global Crafts Wholesale
USA Only
Peacock And Hibiscus Painted Haitian Steel Drum Wall Art By Global Crafts
USA Only
Rooted Tree Of Life Braided Ring Painted Haitian Metal Drum Wall Art 24’
USA Only
Standing Angel Haitian Metal Drum Sculpture Pink 12’ Tall - Holiday Ornaments
USA Only
Red Ringed Tree Blowing With Birds In Flight Haitian Steel Drum Wall Art
USA Only
Flower & Birds In Flight Ringed Haitian Metal Drum Square Wall Art (11’ x
USA Only
Whimsical Stacked Farm Animal Haitian Steel Drum Wall Art - Sculptures &
USA Only
Tree Of Life Dragonfly Haitian Metal Drum Wall Art 14’ - Sculptures & Statues
USA Only
Tropical Fish In Coral Haitian Steel Drum Wall Art - Sculptures & Statues
USA Only
Single Bird Ringed Haitian Metal Drum Square Wall Art (11’ x 12’)
USA Only
Love With Nativity Haitian Metal Drum Wall Art (9’ x 14’) - Sculptures &
USA Only
Joy With Nativity Haitian Metal Drum Wall Art (11’ x 8’) - Sculptures &
USA Only
Palm Tree Scene Haitian Metal Drum Wall Art 24’ - Sculptures & Statues Global

Haitian Metal Wall Art: Handcrafted Treasures of Vibrant Expression

Haitian metal wall art is a form of artistic expression that originates from Haiti. It is created by skilled artisans who use recycled 50-gallon steel oil drums to craft intricate and detailed wall art pieces. These artists employ rudimentary tools to etch, hammer, and chisel the metal, transforming the discarded drums into beautiful works of art. Haitian metal art is renowned for its unique style, vibrant colors, and symbolic representations.

The art form emerged in Haiti in the early 1940s and has since gained international recognition. Haitian metal wall art often features depictions of nature, animals, plants, and cultural motifs that are native to Haiti. Some popular themes include the Tree of Life, birds, tropical landscapes, and religious symbolism.

The process of creating Haitian metal art involves cutting open the steel drum and flattening it into a sheet. The artist then sketches the design on the metal surface and meticulously cuts and shapes it using various tools. The final piece is polished and finished, resulting in a distinctive and eye-catching artwork.

Haitian metal wall art can be found in various sizes and styles, ranging from small plaques to large sculptures. It is often used as decorative pieces for homes, gardens, or public spaces. The art form not only showcases the creativity and talent of the Haitian artisans but also serves as a means of sustainable livelihood for many communities in Haiti.

Immerse Yourself in Nature-Inspired Sculptures

The Essence of Nature Unveiled in Metal Drum Art

Step into a world where nature comes alive through the hands of talented Haitian artists. Our collection features captivating tree of life sculptures and other nature-inspired artworks that breathe life into any space they adorn. Embrace the symbolism and beauty of these intricate pieces, meticulously hand-hammered to perfection. Each sculpture captures the essence of the Caribbean, exuding a tropical and beach-like atmosphere wherever they are displayed.

Ethical Art for a Sustainable World

Embrace the Beauty of Fair Trade Haitian Metal Art

This Haitian metal wall art is not only a feast for the eyes but also a testament to ethical practices. Crafted by artisans who adhere to Fair Trade principles, ensuring that their incredible skills are recognized and rewarded. By choosing this metal drum art, you contribute to a socially responsible and sustainable world. Each piece carries symbolic and meaningful messages, allowing you to connect deeply with the art and the artists who bring it to life.

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