Secret Dog, Private Dock

Secret Dog, Private Dock

The Tall Tale

He emerged from his underworld of grief into the dawn. That sleek, sweet beast by his feet. The one who kept him warm after the other him walked out. Way back when in the not so long ago of being torn asunder. Time splitting open — obeying no rules — 'til you land again on that old familiar dock you'd long since forgot. Right where you'd left it in that other dimension you used to call home...

He gazes across the soft and spiky waves. His boat sauntering up to the private dock. The one they'd shared all those years in the home they built just for two. Now with all that extra space his shape once consumed.

How much broader the scope of every nook and cranny appeared in this new light. On the other side of a fight within himself he never hoped to win. Alighting from love to board possibilities he'd long since forgotten, but never stopped wanting.

Nestling into the sunken leather seats, his demons and the beast in tow. Arms outstretched and head tilted back to the glow of infinity. Where the reflection of that same old him doesn't feel quite the same at all anymore... 'til everything flows in the same direction all of a sudden. Luxuriating in the gentle hum of the motor beneath his seat. The driver shuttling him through memories he's no longer afraid of. Their glittering shards like bittersweet crystals on the early morning rise of a day he can't believe has arrived... at last.

Sources Of Inspiration

Cerberus and Hades • Dangerous Liaisons • Cabinets of curiosities • Rebirth • Dappled morning light

Details, Details

Originally created in 2019... forever a work in progress • 100% digital paper, plants, fabric, metal, mutt, god and more • Art prints and greeting cards from 5x7" up to 24x32"



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