Second Homesick Pt 3

Second Homesick Pt 3

The Tall Tale

What can you only find in Bangkok? Let me just say, it’s a riddle, in a way: real but not physical; always changing, but somehow the same; here 1 minute, gone the next; replaced by ephemera you’ll never forget. And I'm not talking about its oddities and curiosities. The Maeklong Railway Market isn't unique; that sliver of the city where stallholders trade either side of the tracks. Pulling back shade covers as trains barge through. Mere inches from fruit & veg that line the snaking trail. Locomotives bend through Hanoi's suburbs to this day, and the list goes on: Lumphini-like lizards (& other BIG critters) meander all over the land down under; Mother India's full of lingam devotees—share a prayer wherever you please; you can even ride ‘khlongs’ on Venetian canals, though you’ll pay through the nose for those! So what's in Bangkok you can’t find other places? Ever been to a gold rush town at the height of its lustre? A throbbing colossus sprung from nothing much that'll sink again when the cash cow's dry. And Bangkok IS sinking, even as the cost of living soars. But its pace never slows, as if the city knows how special it is. What wonder it holds. Look past the chaos, there's treasure to behold!

Sources Of Inspiration

Overlapping histories • Entire cities sprouting like wildflowers • The kinetic energy of 11 million people • Crowds eating khao pad moo on baking streets • Higgeldy-piggeldy sub sois lined with brutalist apartments in cheerful tones, full of life and laughter and enough fish sauce to fill the Chao Phraya

Details, Details

Art prints and greeting cards from 5x7" up to 24x32" • 100% digital paper, plants, fabric, tiles and temples 


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