Down Where It’s Wetter Pt 3

Down Where It's Wetter Pt 3

The Tall Tale

They poke through tides of doubt each night to see if the promise was kept. On the lookout for their lover's return. The wild one. The wise one. The one whose distance made their heart feel conquered. Growing fonder each day 'til they thought of nothing else. The one who promised this would all be worth it, in the end. But that was years ago...

Other thoughts had begun blowing in. Passing by like the ships who caught sight of them now and then, intruding upon their nightly prayer beneath the stars. Sails billowing from the crew's gust of disbelief. Hardened souls quivering in the falsetto tones of a church boy choir. Mouths agape. Limbs frozen. Floating by the mighty beast who only wanted to be left in peace. But the crew on these ships would never stop talking. Telling anyone who'd listen. An instant classic for rough shod sailors who thought they'd seen it all. Carving and lacquering the tale in taverns across the county. 'Round kitchen tables with family and friends. At bedtime with little ones, too. Wide eyes searching their wizened face for a thrilling dash of terror from the high seas.

Not one of the people who heard this tale — told and retold — would ever know that their dance with danger was an aching tale of hope and longing...

Sources Of Inspiration

The Galápagos tortoise • The lost city of Atlantis • Ariel's secret grotto from the Little Mermaid • The breathtaking detail of Graeme Base's illustrations and his perfectly ripe tales — rich 'n' sweet at any age • The Rijksmuseum's colossus of enchantment and public domain wonders

Details, Details

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