Down Where It’s Wetter Pt 2

Down Where It's Wetter Pt 2

The Tall Tale

You may say they're stuck, but they're not trapped, thank you very much. They're just not sure where could be better than down where it's wetter. Where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served each day on passing currents. Where they take what they want, when they want, how they want. Through shifting tides — far and wide — snarling schools on a detour who should know better.

Of course... they wonder, sometimes, if it's as warm as they say in Mermaid Bay. Just a stone's throw away, but miles from the comfort of their undersea highway. Known only through rumour, daydreams and hearsay — Mermaid Bay... is it even real, anyway? And still they wonder, would their shell shine different? New patch, new views, fresh shades 'n' hues and... perhaps they'd make friends in changed scenery, because devil-may-care can be kind of lonely.

One thing they know, they know nothing at all, but they can't stop this marching crawl of curiosity — tunnelling through this creature's comfort at the speed of knots. Earworms of adventure forever in shot. And there's no way of knowing if Mermaid Bay sucks except packing their things and trying their luck...

Sources Of Inspiration

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea • The lost city of Atlantis • Ariel's secret grotto from the Little Mermaid • The breathtaking detail of Graeme Base's illustrations and his perfectly ripe tales — rich 'n' sweet at any age • The Rijksmuseum's colossus of enchantment and public domain wonders

Details, Details

100% digital paper, plants, sea monster, metal and more • Art prints and greeting cards from 5x7" up to 24x32"