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Revolutionising Theatre Studies with The Secret River Multimedia eBook

I helped the world of theatre studies evolve with the introduction of the Secret River enhanced eBook. A rich new chapter for this contemporary classic by Andrew Bovell, adapted from Kate Grenville's novel. This innovative multimedia eBook brought a new level of immersion for theatre enthusiasts who desire more from their script-reading experiences.

Audience: Engaging Theatre Aficionados Worldwide

This immersive multimedia eBook aims to captivate theatre lovers worldwide, offering a unique reading experience that surpasses traditional print scripts.

Project Timeline and Budget: Delivering Excellence in Four Months

With a budget of $35,000, this remarkable project was completed within a four-month timeline, ensuring a high-quality, engaging multimedia experience for readers.

The Vision: A Multilayered and Immersive eBook Experience

The Secret River multimedia eBook features:

  1. An enhanced ebook enriched with captivating multimedia content.
  2. Curated content that creates a truly immersive experience, including interactive audio clips that play as readers explore the script, elevating their appreciation of this theatrical masterpiece.
  3. In-depth analysis and insights into the themes and motifs within the world of the Secret River, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the story.

My Role: Digital Project Manager and Curator

As the digital project manager and curator, I:

  1. Enhanced readers' connection to the contemporary classic by Andrew Bovell, adapted from the novel by Kate Grenville.
  2. Sourced, selected, and managed the production of all content and app design, ensuring a seamless integration of audio and imagery that enhanced the story without overshadowing it.
  3. Supervised post-production of featured audio, providing students and teachers with access to a wealth of content that, while not replacing live theatre, facilitated shared experiences and encouraged deeper comprehension.
  4. Conducted an interview with the playwright, incorporating key moments from the conversation into the script, offering readers a rare glimpse into the creative process.
  5. Negotiated and finalized all intellectual property agreements for the content featured in the app.

Achieving the Ultimate Goal: Humanising Scripts through Sound and Vision

The primary objective of this project was to humanize scripts through sound and vision, extending the magic of theatre and complementing theatre studies. By sourcing, selecting, and overseeing the production of all embedded content in the app, I was able to achieve this goal.

Results: A New Era of Theatre Studies with The Secret River Enhanced eBook

The Secret River multimedia eBook includes:

  1. The complete play text of this theatrical masterpiece.
  2. An exclusive audio tour of the script with the playwright, Andrew Bovell.
  3. Stunning images from the Sydney Theatre Company's 2013 production, captured by renowned photographer Heidrun Löhr.
  4. A thought-provoking response to the play, titled Still Waters, by Wesley Enoch.
  5. Comprehensive teachers' notes by Rachel Ford, offering invaluable educational resources.

With the Secret River enhanced eBook, theatre studies have been brought to life, ushering in a new era of immersive experiences for theatre lovers and students alike. This groundbreaking project has set the stage for future innovations in the world of theatre and literature, redefining the way we experience and appreciate the art of storytelling.