Staging Asylum

Staging Asylum

I helped bring this anthology of scripts to life by layering in curated content from scholars, politicians and asylum seekers themselves.
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Nothing gets realer than these plays about hope, desperation, perseverance and humour in the strangest of places.


Theatre lovers looking for more from their scripts.

Timeline / Budget

4mth / $45k


• An enhanced ebook layered with rich multimedia content.

• Curated content builds an immersive experience: interactive audio grabs can play in the background while you're reading — helping readers appreciate this masterpiece on a whole new level.

• Detailed analysis offering insights on the themes and motifs explored in the worlds of Staging Asylum.

My Role: Digital Project Manager + Curator

This timely anthology offers a range of narratives and perspectives on asylum seekers. Unpacks immigration detention, border control, unauthorised asylum seekers and the right to belong.

• I curated and project managed the digital extension, otherwise known as an app.

• Building on the strength of the printed edition via purposeful and thoughtful content. Layered around the six plays. Weaving extra insight through each of them with every decision. Offering a deeper and more holistic understanding of the challenges asylum seekers and refugees face.

Results: I Brought Theatre Studies To Life

• Curated the digital extension of Staging Asylum: on stage, behind the scenes and in production.

• Enriched every reader's connection to the plays — on stage or off.

• Sourced, selected and oversaw production of all content and app design. Managing post-production of all featured audio and video, too.

• Extended the magic of theatre. What better way to complement theatre studies than by humanising scripts via sound and vision? I sourced, selected and oversaw production of all embedded content. Layering the mix of audio, imagery and video in ways that told their own story but never overshadowed others.