Jewelled Garden

Jewelled Garden

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Acclaimed designer's three year labour of love.


Art collectors + ultra-luxe interior designers.

Timeline / Budget

2+ yr / $3M


• Origin stories and tales for each resident to give them life.

• Editorial perfectionism for an audience that demands the highest quality.

• Copy that's well-crafted and thoughtfully written, to spotlight Matthew's artistic expertise, his mastery of design and the art, architecture, culture and history Matthew immerses himself in, on his continual travels around the globe.

My Role: Lead Writer

Crafted an origin story, unique tales for each resident, and I produced / edited the Jewelled Garden's lookbook.

My approach was the same as one would take if creating a world of stories for a gallery exhibition.

The information I needed to create this world came from a variety of sources. Some were historical, some geographical and others artistic in nature.

I wanted to ensure that each resident of the Jewelled Garden was human, in a way. Even a black widow spider has wants and desires.

The stories behind each piece helped me bring them alive for the audience, while honouring the sublime craftsmanship of these breathtaking works of art.

World Building

Each sculpture was realised over several thousand hours

Acclaimed jewellery designer, Matthew Campbell Laurenza spent 3 years on this art project that brings to life 15 unique sculptures inspired by flora and fauna.

Each sculpture was realised over several thousand hours of meticulous design and labor, showcasing Laurenza's immaculate craftsmanship and displaying the full power of Swarovski's genuine gemstones.

The Jewelled Garden has been on display in New York (Bergdorf Goodman), Hong Kong (Lane Crawford), China (Chow Tai Fook), and Bangkok at the Adler Subhashok Gallery

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