Down Where It’s Wetter Pt 2

Down Where It's Wetter Pt 2

Just because they're stuck doesn't mean they're trapped. Where could be better than down where it's wetter? Breakfast, lunch and dinner served on passing currents. Taking what they want, when they want, how they want. Through shifting tides — far and wide — snarling schools who should know better. Of course... they do wonder, sometimes, if it's as warm as they say in Mermaid Bay. Just a stone's throw away, but miles from the comfort of their undersea highway. Known only through rumour, daydreams and hearsay. They can't really be sure if it's really real, anyway. Still, they wonder... would their shell shine different? New patch, new views, bringing fresh shades 'n' hues. And perhaps they'd make friends if they changed scenery. Devil-may-care can be kind of lonely. All they know is they know nothing at all. And no matter how happy they are with their spot, curiosity's rotting its way through the lot. The call of adventure forever in earshot. Will it be better than down where it's wetter? There's no way of knowing but trying their luck.