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Red Ringed Tree Blowing With Birds In Flight Haitian Steel Drum Wall Art -
USA Only
Vibrant 3d Flowering Tree Haitian Steel Drum Wall Art - Sculptures & Statues -
USA Only
Curved Flowering Haitian Steel Drum Decorative Tray - Trays - Global Crafts
Roaring Tiger - Mola Needlework Art Framed Canvas - 32x24 / Black Frame / White
USA Only
Khmer Temple Ring - Rings - Slate + Salt
Khmer Temple Ring
Sale Price$53USD
USA Only
Amethyst Ball Ring By Slate + Salt
USA Only
Geo Stripe Bombshell Ring - 6 - Rings - Slate + Salt
USA Only
Minimal Bar Bombshell Ring - Rings - Slate + Salt
USA Only
Shining Moon Ring - Ash & Rose
Shining Moon Ring
Sale Price$44USD
USA Only
Half Moon Ring - Rings - Slate + Salt
Half Moon Ring
Sale Price$42USD
USA Only
Pink Moon Ring - Rings - Slate + Salt
Pink Moon Ring
Sale Price$42USD
USA Only
Full Moon Ring - Rings - Slate + Salt
Full Moon Ring
Sale Price$42USD

All About

Handmade Fair Trade Jewelry

8 Fair Trade Necklaces: Artistic, Ethical and Chic

Find your new favorite accessory: 10 handpicked necklaces crafted with heart, soul, and sustainability. Handcrafted, eco-friendly and stylish.

11 Pieces of Fair Trade Jewelry You'll Actually Want to Wear

Unique, handmade jewelry. Ethically sourced . Elevated designs. Geometric earrings to delicate necklaces. Handmade by Fair Trade artisans across the globe.

Fair Trade Jewelry: 10 Unique Artisan Rings

Explore our curated selection of 10 unique fair trade artisan rings for women. Support ethical fashion and embrace the beauty of handcrafted jewelry.

What Exactly Is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a global movement that aims to promote sustainable development and social justice.

Fair Trade vs Direct Trade

Fair Trade and direct trade have so many similarities it can be hard to distinguish between them. Read on to see how...

Shop Kinder - Beyond Fair Trade

Explore Fair Trade concepts, then go beyond them to see how shopping can help make the world kinder for everyone.

Unique, Ethically Handcrafted Rings

Unique Artistry: Custom-crafted Rings

Submerge yourself in the vast ocean of our artisan-crafted rings, each piece bearing the signature of its creator's unique skills. These handmade treasures are testament to the tireless dedication of the artisans, as they meticulously chisel every detail, transforming raw materials into striking masterpieces. With every ring, the whispers of timeless elegance and distinct individuality make a resounding declaration of style.

Responsibly Chic: Ethical Jewelry

Step into a world of sustainable fashion with our ethically made jewelry. We are unwavering in our commitment to source responsibly, collaborating with suppliers who put the planet first, ensuring each piece is a nod to eco-friendly practices. So, when you choose our consciously crafted rings, you're not only embracing your personal style but also advocating for a greener future and ethical trade.

A Ring for Every Story: Handmade Creations

Mark life's milestones or simply indulge in self-gifting with our diverse range of handcrafted rings. From minimalist designs to complex patterns, our collection caters to every style and occasion. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just because, our rings, crafted with love and precision, become cherished keepsakes that narrate your personal journey.

Crafting the Future: Sustainable Rings

Our collection of sustainable rings is a testament to our commitment to the future. Each ring, from the ethically sourced to the recycled, exemplifies our resolve to create a sustainable fashion statement. With our unique rings, style intertwines with sustainability, allowing you to flaunt your values as boldly as your fashion choices.

Orders and Shipping FAQs

We ship artisan jewelry to your door anywhere across the continental USA.

Please allow 1-3 business days for order processing + 2-4 days for delivery of your handmade jewelry.

All our orders ship FREE. Yup, simple as that... Yippee! We also ship carbon neutral at no extra cost.

Certainly. We accept returns opened within 7 days of delivery. All items must arrive back to us in their original condition and packaging within 15 days of delivery.

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Fair Trade FAQs

The primary goal of fair trade is to promote sustainable development and social justice by ensuring fair prices, safe working conditions, and equitable trading relationships for producers in developing countries.

Fair trade is a specific approach to business that focuses on providing fair wages and working conditions for producers and workers in developing countries. Ethical consumerism is a broader concept that involves making purchasing decisions based on a range of factors, including fair trade, sustainability, labor practices, and animal welfare.

Fair Trade is a certification-based model that ensures a minimum price and adherence to social and environmental standards, while Direct Trade is an informal approach emphasizing personal relationships and product quality.

There is no definitive answer, as each model has its advantages and disadvantages. The better choice depends on your preferences and priorities, such as certification, quality, relationships, and pricing. Read on...

Right here, right now — our Fair Trade jewelry is ready to be shipped around the USA in two shakes of a tail feather — free of charge and carbon neutral, too. Here are some more Fair Trade and ethically made jewelry collections...

Artisan Handmade Earrings

Ethically Handcrafted Rings

Fair Trade Necklaces