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Praxis Method - 3 Journal Set By Karst Teal
USA Only
Hardcover Notebook A5 By Karst - Black / Lined Notebooks & Notepads
USA Only
Karst x Mud Desk Set (limited Edition) By - Ash
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Writer Bundle - Black Notebooks & Notepads Karst
Writer Bundle
Sale Price$103USD
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A5 Journal - Twin Pack Eucalypt Notebooks & Notepads Karst
A5 Journal - Twin Pack
Sale Price$22USD

Karst Stone Paper™ Daily Planners & Hardcover Notebooks

About Karst Planners & Notebooks

It’s possible to make paper without waste. Without chlorine or acid. Without water. Without trees. Made from recycled stone and without any bleaches, acids, or trees, Karst Stone Paper™ is rebuilt from first principles to be better.

That means more durable, more sustainable, and infinitely smoother to write, scribble, doodle or draw on. If there's a better way to make paper, we haven’t found it. Yet.

What is Karst Stone Paper™ made from?

In short... science! Calcium carbonate is one of the principal bases of superhydrophobic coatings. Which is a fancier way of saying that Karst Stone Paper™ is completely waterproof. So your morning coffee can’t ruin your eureka moment, and the rain can’t steal your thunder.

Yep! Karst Paper™ is made from calcium carbonate, a repurposed construction waste. It's naturally bright white, never dyed or bleached with harsh chemicals like chlorine or acid. The subtle variation in color comes from natural variations in stone, so each batch is unique to the next.

Nope! Karst tried and tested pencils and pens with no issue. In fact, since the stone paper absorbs less ink than regular paper, it looks cleaner and has zero bleed-through.

Karst recommends a good ol' fashioned ballpoint. They may seem like a boring choice, but you'll understand why once you feel the glide of a ballpoint on Karst Stone Paper™.

Karst has found that fountain pens may take longer to dry than ballpoints. And you may need to alter your grip, angle, or how hard you press down because physics.

Karst Stone Paper™ is like regular paper, only better. Unlike regular paper, stone paper is waterproof, tear-resistant, and has no ink bleed-through.

Stone Paper™ is brighter, smoother, and more environmentally responsible than regular paper. Stone paper's possible with absolutely...

• No trees

• No water

• No bleach

• No acids

• No toxic chemicals


Regular wood-pulp paper requires 18 large trees and immense energy to produce.

Recycling regular pulp paper is also limited to a number of cycles.

Karst Stone Paper™ can be recycled many times over.

Our paper has a 60% smaller carbon footprint, and we offset the rest to make your purchase carbon neutral. Then to shift the needle back towards equilibrium, we plant a tree with every purchase via our aptly named partners One Tree Planted.

Orders and Shipping

The treasure in this collection is USA only. But we have plenty of treasure to ship round the world.

Free shipping to the continental USA.

Sent carbon neutral at no extra charge.

Gain peace of mind your money's being kind.

Tracking included for all orders, so you can watch your treasure from A to B to your front door.

These are the average times between placing an order & delivery to your doorstep...

Order Processing: 1-4 days

Shipping: 2-5 business days

Every order tracked: Automatic tracking is included for all orders, so you can watch your treasure from A to B to your front door.

Separate shipments: Items in the same order may arrive in separate packages for safety and quality assurance.

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We gladly accept returns and exchanges on our in-house treasure that ships worldwide, but our USA only suppliers do not offer refunds, so we can't offer refunds on their pieces either.

We also don't offer returns, refunds or exchanges on discounted / sale items unless they arrived damaged or faulty.

And we can't pay for return shipping for changes of heart. If we did we'd have to raise our prices, and we're all about artisan treasure at fair prices, fair trade and fair profit.

Learn more about our step-by-step returns process.