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Sailing To Egypt Clutch Purse - Ash & Rose
USA Only
Beatrice Something Blue Embroidered Clutch - Ash & Rose
USA Only
Josephine Clutch Purse - Ash & Rose
Josephine Clutch Purse
Sale Price$38USD
USA Only
Powder Blue Kimono Woven Clutch - Handcrafted Clutches - Handbags - Likhâ
USA Only
Misty Grey Kimono Woven Purse - Handcrafted Clutches - Handbags - Likhâ
USA Only
Wine Colored Clutch - Woven Purse - Handbags - Likhâ
USA Only
Rana Clutch - Handbags - Korissa
Rana Clutch
Sale Price$66USD
USA Only
Lifetime Clutch Wallet By Leather Co - Oxford Brown - Handbags
USA Only
Valentine’s Gold Floral Clutch Wallet By Lifetime Leather Co - Wallets & Money
USA Only
Arnoldi Peachpuff Hand-beaded Clutch Orange & Peach - Handbags - Brunnaco
USA Only
Arnoldi Jean Hand-beaded Clutch Red & Pink - Handbags - Brunnaco
USA Only
Sumatran Tiger Clutch Ivory White - Handbags - Brunnaco

Ethically Chic: Sustainable Clutch Revolution

Revolutionize your wardrobe with our exclusive collection of sustainable clutch bags that put the 'eco' in 'eclectic'. Our clutches are more than mere accessories; they are symbols of conscious fashion and responsible style. Meticulously crafted from all-natural, recycled and repurposed materials, these bags are a testament to the beauty of sustainability.

Eco-friendly Elegance: The Art of Handmade Bags

The artistry behind this collection of handmade bags is unparalleled. These unique pieces, handcrafted by skilled artisans, embody the essence of slow fashion. Each stitch is a commitment to ethical fashion practices, resulting in one-of-a-kind bags that are as unique as your style.

Vegan Vogue: Cruelty-free Clutches for the Compassionate Fashionista

Our vegan clutch range is proof that fashion can be animal-friendly without sacrificing style. Made from plant-based and cruelty-free materials, these bags are a chic, ethical alternative to traditional leather clutches. They're perfect for the socially responsible fashionista who values both style and the welfare of our planet's inhabitants.

Designer Delights: High Fashion Meets Ethical Responsibility

Our designer clutch collection effortlessly marries high fashion with ethical responsibility. These designer accessories are made with sustainable practices in mind, redefining the luxury handbag industry. These eco-conscious bags offer a touch of glamour without the environmental guilt.

The Greener Choice: Recycled Bags with a Conscience

Choosing our recycled bags is a step towards a greener future. Crafted from upcycled and repurposed materials, these eco-friendly bags are not just stylish but also a powerful statement against waste. They are tangible proof that sustainable bags can be as fashionable as they are planet-friendly.


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