Second Homesick Pt 2

Second Homesick Pt 2

The Tall Tale

Something travellers often miss about Bangkok is the city itself. It’s the most visited city in the world, but a HUGE portion of those ‘visitors’ are en route somewhere else—Europe, Australia, Koh Samui, Koh Lanta... the list goes on.

If more people took their time with Bangkok—saw the cornucopia of people eating khao pad moo on the street, or charcuterie in a French restaurant with pinot to match; if they wandered through the higgeldy-piggeldy sub sois, marvelling at the brightly coloured hues of the skinny shopfronts—brutalist apartment blocks done up in cheerful tones—all filled with lives, stories, laughter; if they accepted that (geographically speaking) Bangkok is kinda sorta the centre of the whole wide world... then the secret would be out and Bangkok would be too popular for its own good! So, this has to be our little secret, okay?

Sources Of Inspiration

Overlapping histories • Entire cities sprouting like wildflowers • The kinetic energy of 11 million people • Crowds eating khao pad moo on baking streets • Higgeldy-piggeldy sub sois lined with brutalist apartments in cheerful tones, full of life and laughter and enough fish sauce to fill the Chao Phraya

Details, Details

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