Conference Of The Birds

Conference Of The Birds

The Tall Tale

I read the Conference of the Birds many years ago, when I took a religious studies class at college. The Conference of the Birds was on our reading list for the week we studied Islam.⁠ A masterpiece of Persian literature by Sufi poet Farid ud-Din Attar.⁠ ⁠In the poem, the birds seek guidance, but have none.⁠ And we come to see how each of the birds represent a flaw that prevents humankind from attaining enlightenment.⁠ I'm not a religious or spiritual man. I find faith in hope, fairness, kindness & the mind-blowing wonder of no one reeeeeeeally knowing what's going on in this topsy-turvy place we all call home. But a good story—be it religious or not—never fails to move me.⁠ The best stories shift my focus so much that I never see our world the same way again. And the Conference of the Birds is on my list of life-changers.

Sources Of Inspiration

The Conference Of The Birds • The Neverending Story • Labyrinth • Moorish Menageries • Andalucia

Details, Details

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