Snuggle Up with the 10 Best Baby Books from Manhattan Toy

Snuggle Up with the 10 Best Baby Books from Manhattan Toy

The 10 Best Manhattan Toy Baby Books for Your Little One

Not only do books help in the development of baby's cognitive and language skills, but they also stimulate imagination, foster emotional intelligence, and strengthen your parent-child bond. In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the best baby books by Manhattan Toy, and show you why they're worth considering for your little one's reading list.

Why are Books Important for Babies?

Before we dive into the specific books, let's first understand why books are crucial for your baby's development.

Introduction to Language

Books are an excellent tool to introduce your child to language. Even if they can't speak yet, reading to them helps them develop a sense of sound patterns and inflections. The more books they're exposed to, the richer their vocabulary becomes.

Emotional Intelligence

Reading books helps children develop empathy and emotional intelligence. Through stories, they learn about different characters and situations, allowing them to understand the world around them better. They also learn how to recognize and express emotions.

Imagination and Creativity

Books are a gateway to different worlds and perspectives. They inspire imagination and creativity, allowing children to explore new ideas and possibilities.

Parent-Child Bonding

Reading books to your child is a great way to bond with them. It creates a special time for the two of you to share, and it helps them associate positive feelings with reading.

Now that we've discussed the importance of books let's dive into the best baby books available in the market.

Best Manhattan Toy Baby Books for Your Little One


Llama Soft Book

Snuggle Up With The 10 Best Baby Books From Manhattan Toy

The Llama Soft Book from Manhattan Toy is the perfect addition to any infant's library. With its adorable llama design, this soft book will capture your little one's attention and provide endless entertainment. The crinkle cloth pages and touch-and-feel elements make it a great sensory experience for babies, while the soft fabric and durable design make it a practical choice for parents.

Not only is it a fun and interactive book, but it's also a great tool for infant brain development. Introducing your child to basic shapes, colors, and textures. If you're looking for the best soft books for newborns, or just the best books to read to infants in general, the Llama Soft Book is a must-have parent and baby will both find fun.


Sleepy Not Sleepy - A Tiny Dino's Bedtime Adventure Board Book

Snuggle Up With The 10 Best Baby Books From Manhattan Toy

Introducing Sleepy Not Sleepy - A Tiny Dino's Bedtime Adventure Board Book from Manhattan Toy, the perfect addition to your little one's library. This touch and feel dinosaur book is not just any board book, it's a magical adventure that will take your child on a journey through the world of dinosaurs. As they flip through the pages, they'll be transported into Jurassic times filled with vibrant illustrations and sensory textures.

Designed specifically for newborns and infants, this baby book can be part of a build your own 'My First Library' collection. Full of adventurous books for infants and beyond. This one's sturdy boardbook format makes it easy for tiny hands to grasp and hold. A board book about dinosaurs trying to get some zzzs makes for great bedtime reading, helping soothe your child into a peaceful slumber.

The adorable protagonist, a little dinosaur named Tiny, will quickly become your child's favorite character as they explore their imaginative dreamland. Order now and let Sleepy Not Sleepy - A Tiny Dino's Bedtime Adventure Board Book take your child on an unforgettable journey through the prehistoric era.


What's Outside? Sea

Snuggle Up With The 10 Best Baby Books From Manhattan Toy

Looking for the perfect way to introduce your little one to the wonders of ocean life? Look no further than the What's Outside? Sea interactive book from Manhattan Toy. This touch and feel book features a variety of water animals, providing an engaging learning experience that will captivate infants and preschoolers alike.

With its interactive design, this sea creatures book is perfect for infant storytime. Little ones will love exploring the various textures on each page, from the smooth skin of a dolphin to the bumpy shell of a crab. The bright illustrations help bring each animal to life, making this an ocean animals book that your child will want to read again and again.

Whether you're looking for preschool books about sea animals or simply want an engaging ocean life book for your little one, What's Outside? Sea Interactive Book is the perfect choice. Order now and give your child an interactive touch and feel books for infants that they'll love exploring!


Buzzing Through Activity Book

Snuggle Up With The 10 Best Baby Books From Manhattan Toy

Introducing the Buzzing Through Soft Activity Book from Manhattan Toy, a sweet addition to your little one's learning library. This interactive bee-themed book is perfect for infants and toddlers who are just starting to discover the world around them. It features a variety of textures and activities that promote sensory stimulation, helping to develop your child's motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

With its soft design, this bee book for infants is perfect for cuddling up with at bedtime, making it one of the best books to read to infants while establishing good sleeping habits. The bright colors and fun illustrations help capture your child's attention, while the various textures provide an engaging learning experience that will keep them entertained until they doze off.

Whether you're looking for soft books for infants to play with or need an infant development book that promotes sensory exploration, the Buzzing Through Soft Activity Book has a whole hive of fun in store. Order now and give your little one a bees baby book that they'll be buzzing about for years to come!


Wimmer-Ferguson See and Say Book

Snuggle Up With The 10 Best Baby Books From Manhattan Toy

The Wimmer-Ferguson See and Say Book is a high-contrast black and white book that's perfect for newborns. The bold designs and patterns stimulate the baby's developing vision and help them focus. The book also includes simple words and phrases that help build vocabulary.

The Wimmer-Ferguson See and Say Book from Manhattan Toy is a fantastic tool for infant education. It's an excellent resource for parents who want to stimulate their child's brain development. The book features a high contrast black and white graphic pattern on the cover, bold colors inside, and simple designs throughout. All of which are attention-grabbing for infants. The use of vibrant colors and simple design helps improve visual perception, and the repetitive design on the cover helps increase a child's spatial awareness. It's one of the best books to read to infants as it has been specially designed for early childhood development.

The Wimmer-Ferguson See and Say Book is one of the most popular Wimmer Ferguson toys. Created after extensive research on infant brain development books by the team at Wimmer-Ferguson. It's a wise investment for any parent looking for quality infant education books that can help stimulate their child's senses. Or give this book as a gift to new parents — they'll appreciate the thoughtful gesture.


What's Outside? Mountain

Snuggle Up With The 10 Best Baby Books From Manhattan Toy

The What's Outside? Mountain book from Manhattan Toy Company is an adventure soft book for parents who love the great outdoors. The book is a sheep soft book featuring colorful farm animals and plants in soft fabric textures. Perfect for stimulating an infant's senses. The book comes with a rattle lamb and crinkle paper, providing a multi-sensory experience for infants. This is the best book for infants obsessed with little lambs. Six soft book pages filled with natural wonders, animals, and mountain wildlife.

The What's Outside? Mountain book is a nursery book that's also easy to hang, with a fabric loop for easy attachment to baby links. The vibrant colors and beautiful illustrations make this book a perfect companion for story time, and parents can enjoy it with their infant over and over again. This product meets or exceeds EN71 and CPSIA safety regulations, ensuring that it's a safe and durable product. Get the What's Outside? Mountain book from Manhattan Toy Company for an enjoyable, educational, and engaging experience for infants with an adventurous spirit.


Snuggle Pods Goodnight My Sweet Pea Book

Snuggle Up With The 10 Best Baby Books From Manhattan Toy

The Snuggle Pods Goodnight My Sweet Pea Book from Manhattan Toy features a sweet story about a little pea who's getting ready for bed. Based on the award-winning Snuggle Pods doll, this book helps foster early development of nurturing skills in infants. The book's soft, padded cover and plush pages also make it perfect for snuggling up with your baby at bedtime. The story's soothing language and gentle illustrations make it a wonderful way to wind down and prepare for a good night's sleep. The soft book features an adorable "snuggle bug" that makes for whimsical bedtime stories for newborns and infants.

This baby book is not only cuddly and comforting but is a valuable tool for parents who want to encourage their child's early development. The sweet pea character and colorful illustrations help captivate the infant's attention, while promoting visual and cognitive development. The Snuggle Pods Goodnight My Sweet Pea Book is made of high-quality materials and is a perfect size for little hands to hold.

Invest in this soft book for your little one and help them develop nurturing skills and a love for reading. The Snuggle Pods Goodnight My Sweet Pea Book is a great addition to any nursery, and its charming artwork is sure to captivate attention. Enhancing your infant's cognitive and developmental skills at the same time.


Farmer's Market Counting Book

Snuggle Up With The 10 Best Baby Books From Manhattan Toy

Manhattan Toy bring you the delightful Farmer's Market Counting Book, a children's counting book that's the perfect way to introduce your little ones to the world of numbers in a charming, playful fashion. It is a farmer soft book that your babies will love snuggling up to while they learn to count. Featuring soft but sturdy pages that make it perfect for little hands to grasp and turn. While the bold illustrations make it easy for little ones to focus on and recognize numbers.

This counting baby book takes you on a fun-filled adventure to the bustling farmer's market, where your little ones will get to count peas, radishes and many more delightful farmers market fruits and veggies. It is not only a learn to count book but also a great way for them to develop tactile skills.

Let this counting soft book take center stage on your expanding bookshelf nursery. You and your children will delight in the vibrant colors and interactive features. So get your hands on this farmer baby book today and let your child's journey towards numeracy begin to sprout.


Sunny Day Activity Book

Snuggle Up With The 10 Best Baby Books From Manhattan Toy

With the Manhattan Toy Sunny Day Activity Book, your child can embark on an adventure full of fun things for babies to do, like matching colors, counting, and identifying shapes! This soft activity book contains a range of activities, from hidden mirrors for self-discovery to a lovable tethered bunny character that hops through a hole. The book's interactive elements, like lift-the-flap pages and textures to touch, help keep babies engaged and entertained. It's a great way to introduce your baby to early learning concepts in a fun and playful way.

This soft book is made of soft cloth and meets EN71 and CPSIA safety regulations. It's an excellent addition to any soft books for infants collection. A farm animal book and bunny soft book in one colorful package. Measuring 7L x 7W x 2D in (15.24L x 15.24w x 2.54D cm), this book is surface washable for your convenience.


A Mermaid's ABC Book

Snuggle Up With The 10 Best Baby Books From Manhattan Toy

Dive into the enchanting world of mermaids with Manhattan Toy's A Mermaid's ABC Book. This small ABC book is a delightful board book that captures the magic of mermaid tales while teaching your child their ABCs. Featuring 10 full-color pages with beautiful unique artwork of sea creatures and mermaids, it's a perfect addition to any collection of newborn story books, high contrast books for newborns or picture books for infants. And this mermaid book is a great way to encourage older siblings to share what they know with the newest member of the family.

Measuring 6.75L x .75W x 6.75H in (17.15L x 1.91W x 17.15H cm), this is one of the best books for new borns to help them embark on their learning journey. It meets the EN71 and CPSIA safety regulations and is surface washable for convenience. Taking your little one on an underwater journey, introducing them to different sea creatures and objects from A to Z. The book's whimsical illustrations and engaging text make it a fun way to learn the alphabet. It's also a great way to spark your child's imagination and curiosity about the ocean. So get ready for a magical ABC adventure under the sea with A Mermaid's ABC Book. 


The Right Baby Books for Every Age Group

Board Books for Newborns

Board books are a great option for newborns as they are durable and can withstand little hands grabbing and drooling on them. These books feature bright colors, simple designs, and easy-to-turn pages, making them perfect for little ones just starting to explore the world around them.

Soft Books for Babies

Soft books are a great option for babies as they are easy to hold and cuddle with. These books feature soft, textured pages and cute characters that are sure to capture your baby's attention. Soft books are perfect for interactive playtime with your little one.

Interactive Books for Infants

Interactive books are a great option for infants as they provide a multisensory experience. The Manhattan Toy Company offers a variety of interactive books, with different textures, sounds, and interactive elements, providing a stimulating experience for your little one. Interactive books are perfect for keeping your baby engaged, entertained, and learning as they grow.

Best Books for 3 Month Olds

At three months old, babies are beginning to show more interest in the world around them. The Manhattan Toy Company offers a variety of books that are perfect for this age group — full of bright colors, fun sounds, and simple designs, making them perfect for little ones who are just starting to explore.

Best Books for 6 Month Olds

At six months old, babies are becoming more mobile and interactive, and their attention span is increasing. You can choose books featuring more complex designs, colorful illustrations, and interactive elements that will keep your baby engaged and learning.

Choosing the right books for your baby is an important decision, but it doesn't have to be a daunting one. The books we've introduced here are some of the best available in the market, offering a range of benefits for your little one's development and enjoyment. From introducing language to stimulating imagination, emotional intelligence, and parent-child bonding, books are a powerful tool for your child's growth.



1. What age should I start reading to my baby?

You can start reading to your baby when they're a newborn, but it's never too late to start!

2. Can babies understand the stories being read to them?

Even if they don't understand the words, babies benefit from hearing language and being exposed to the rhythm and intonation of speech.

3. How many books should I read to my baby per day?

It's up to you, but even reading one book a day can have a positive impact on your baby's development.

4. Are board books better for babies than regular books?

Yes, board books are sturdier and easier for babies to grasp and turn the pages.

5. Can reading to my baby improve their language skills?

Yes, reading to your baby can help develop their vocabulary, grammar, and overall language skills.

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From infants to school-aged kids, Manhattan Toy Company has a wide selection of creative and educational toys. With hundreds of award-winning products in their portfolio, Manhattan Toys provide the right challenge at the right time, encouraging problem-solving and imaginative play.

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From infants and toddlers toys to preschooler toys and school-aged kids toys, Manhattan Toys are designed to promote cognitive, emotional, and social development.

Some of their best-selling toys include the Atom Teether Toy, Tree Top Adventure Activity Center, and Skwish Classic Rattle and Teether.

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Manhattan Toy offers a wide selection of toys for children of all ages. From infants and toddlers toys to preschooler toys and school-aged kids toys, they have a range of products that cater to every early childhood developmental stages.

Parents can trust that every toy from Manhattan Toy Company promotes cognitive, emotional, and social development through imaginative and developmental play. Providing the right challenge at the right time for a child's age and developmental stage.

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